Looking for a Manager? We would be happy to meet with you to discuss how Forest Green Realty & Management can relieve your stress and handle your specific management needs of any property style. After attaining general information related to your community, we will be able to provide a management proposal that best suits the needs of your community.

If you are interested in attaining a Management Proposal for management of your condominium or homeowners association please email Kirsten Capps at


Forest Green Realty & Management offers several management structures. Depending on your Association and how active of a roll you would like to play will determine the best structure for you. While we are here to assist with the day-to-day aspects of management of your association; it is important to keep in mind that all Board members will be required to communicate with Forest Green representatives via email to review, approve and discuss items that may come up. Forest Green is not a decision maker. Without the majority approval of the Board of Directors no actions will be taken.


To manage the financials of the association

  • Collecting association fees from homeowners (we offer several payment options)

  • Assessing late fees when necessary and sending collection notices as outlined in association collection policy

  • Entering and paying bills received by the Association

  • Uploading the monthly bills to the Board of Directors for approval (2x per month)

  • Uploading the monthly financial reports to the Board of Directors for approval (by 10th of month)

  • Uploading the monthly approved financial reports to Association members

  • Mailing annual report and budget notice to all association members

  • Compiling the annual financials to be given to an accountant, or board member, to file tax return

  • 1 Budget Meeting with Board of Directors

  • Access to for all association members with an email. Governing Documents and Budget will be automatically added. Board access to upload any past correspondence to website for online storage (meeting minutes, past financials, tax returns, budgets) and send mass email/phone/text communications to residents.


We'll handle the day-to-day but we will need your regular direction

[includes financial management]

  • As directed by the Association, solicit and negotiate contracts, authorize and facilitate those activities and projects which are necessary to maintain the property.

  • We will be the direct line of contact for homeowner correspondence i.e. repairs and complaints. After-hours answering service with direction to on-call property manager included.

  • Implement and monitor Association Rules and Regulations. Attorney review of final documents suggested.

  • Maintain on behalf of the Association all documents, records of affairs, meeting minutes and financial reports for historical purposes online. Storage of historical documents/boxes offered for $2/box/month.

  • Maintain a current owner roster with contact information accessible on association website

  • Provide to new Association members a welcome packet that includes current Association information

  • Attend four (4) meetings with the Board of Directors as well as one annual meeting with the entire Condominium Association.

  • Mail/email correspondence to owners related to improvements, meetings, etc.

  • Spring inspection of community with available Board members

  • Bi-Monthly community inspection performed by Property Manager

  • Guide and assist members of the Board of Directors of the Association in the performance of their obligations

  • Review and manage Association insurance needs and requirements

  • Coordinate and prepare government required reports (WDFI, Pond, Pool, Elevator, Boiler Certifications, etc)

By choosing this option Board of Directors will meet with all contractors for submission of estimates if access is not easily provided. Board will confirm completion of all contracted work. Board will meet on-site for direct maintenance requests with owners, will take photos of specified maintenance items for repair and forward to Management Company. Post any required 24 hour notices i.e. maintenance improvements. Board will conduct their own annual and board meetings. Board will take their own meeting minutes. Board will oversee completion of all major property improvements and oversee all insurance claims submitted for common areas (see management agreement Section 10.1 & 10.2)


As directed by your governing documents and policies set forth, we'll do all the heavy lifting, which leaves you time to worry about more important things

Includes services included in Financial and Board Assisted Management but the Management Company will follow up, verify and obtain all additional requested information as an included service. This includes but is not limited to contractor meetings, service completion verification, meeting with homeowners for specific requests, photo documenting any reported complaints, taking meeting minutes, overseeing and verifying completion of projects. Any meeting that is necessary would be handled by the Property Manager. The only requirement of board members would be response and approvals via email for financials, bills, contracts or inquiries not outlined in the governing documents.

Optional Additional Services


24/7 Service Technicians



Board Meetings after 5PM or at specified location


Taking Meeting Minutes


Property Inspections for violations


Insurance Claim Management


Project Improvement Supervision

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