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Investment / Rental Management


We would be happy to meet with you to discuss how Forest Green Realty & Management can relieve your stress and handle your specific management needs of any property style. After attaining general information related to your site we will be able to provide a management proposal that best suits the needs of your property.


If you are interested in attaining a Management Proposal for management of your investment or rental property please email Sarah Auer at


  • Advertise the premises Conduct tours with prospective tenants

  • Run prospective tenant credit report, complete WI Circuit Court Access search, complete landlord verification, and obtain employment verification

    •  Information will be presented to owner immediately upon receipt of aforementioned documentation


  • Collect all payments, security deposits and other charges due to Owner from tenants

  • Provide monthly financial reports directly to owner

  • Compile financial information to present to Accountant for annual tax return preparation


  • Schedule all maintenance and repair to property including required annual state tests per WI State Codes

  • Schedule contractors to turn vacant units for re-rental

  • Suggest improvements to increase rental rates


  • Negotiate Leases

  • Direct line of contact for tenant repairs, concerns, etc.

  • Several payment options for monthly rent

  • Online work order submission and after-hours answering service


Current Managed Properties:

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